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Life on your terms

Do you want to live in your own apartment? Have you always dreamed of a house with a yard? A back porch? A garden? Let’s make it happen! We believe everyone, with the proper assistance in place, can live independently. 

What is Supported Living?

Supported living is an opportunity for adults with developmental disabilities to choose where, how and with whom they live. People receive personalized supports needed to maintain their own private home. Through supported living, individuals, even people with severe disabilities can receive supports to live in their own homes.

Who is Eligible for Supported Living?

  • Adults 18 or older,
  • Determined eligible for Developmental Disabilities services,
  • Wants to live in own home, and
  • Needs ongoing supports & services to live there.

Being capable of living independently or being employed are not prerequisites for supported living.

What Supports and Services are Available?

Each person who participates in supported living may select from a variety of supports to enable them to maintain a home of their own. Examples of services used include:

  • Supported living Coaching
  • Supported Employment or Day Training
  • Transportation
  • Non-Residential Habilitation
  • Companion
  • Chore and Homemaker
  • In-home Supports

What are Some of the Responsibilities of a Supported Living Coach?

  • Teaches new skills
  • Assists with tasks and does things with or for the person
  • Coordinates community resources and natural supports

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